Bicycle-trip over the USA

The trip of 2009 - Updated 08.24.08

Well - this trip we be from March 2009 - September 2009.
My plan is to bicycle cross the states - from NY to LA.

The trip will be done on a BROMPTON-bicycle.
The route is now set, are looking forward to see some of the guys/ girls I play with in the game of "Dark Age of Camelot" - if u guys/ girls want a visit from this crazy dane give me a mail and where u live to:

Flying from Copenhagen to JFK, in New York
New York (Visit Slood from the game: Dark age of Camelot - going to see the Memorial for the World Trade Center, before the trip towards Niagara Falls)
Niagara Falls (630 miles from NY-city/ 1014 km fra NY)
Philadelphia (PA) (612 miles from Niagara Falls/ 985 km)
Media (town near Philadelphia, PA)
Washington D.C. (230 miles from Philadelphia/ 370 km)
Buffalo (OH)
Knox (IN)
 - Springfield (MO)
 - Portland (OR) (1185 miles from Salt Lake City/ 1907 km)
 - Eureka (CA)
 - San Francisco (CA) (1026 miles from Portland/ 1651 km)
Will ofcause try to make it both up- and downhill from the harbourh and up the mountain - most likely the hardest hill for bicycles in the world.
 - Los Angeles (CA) (623 miles from San Francisco/ 1003 km)
Flying from LA - Copenhagen.
The trip will be in my summerholiday.

The plan is to drive at least 100km/ day - or apx. 60miles.

On the trip over the states - I'll be stopping in on this page and write of the experience I've been making on this trip.
I'll be writing a tour-guide of the problems u can or will run into on a tour like this one - the flora and other sites or usefull ideas that everyone needs to know before making a trip like this.

I've been talking to some bicycle-enthusiats that have recomended me on some bike-ideas to this trip.

Have now bought my bike and it's gonna cost 13.000 kr incl. bags front and back. (3250 USD)

I'm also outlooking for sponsors on the trip.
Any sponsership is welcome to contact me, via this site or e-mail to me on: 

With this link u can see how easy it is to fold the bike and fold it out again so it's ready to drive on again:

Here's a picture of the bike - when I'll be flying to the US, and when I'm not bicycling...
The BROMPTON-bike is the most convenient bike for everyone - old and young - 'cause u can take it with u whereever u go.

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10.02 | 03:13


Du kan hacke og bryde ind i en banks sikkerhedsautomat uden at bære

våben eller ethvert våben. Hvordan er det muligt? Først og fremmest skal vi lære

om manuel hacking af pengeautomater og bankregnskaber, hvordan pengeautomaten

08.09 | 11:40

I stedet for at få et lån, jeg har fået noget nyt

Få $ 5.500 USD hver dag, i 2 år!

Se, hvordan det virker, Ved du, at du kan hacke ind i enhver pengeautomat med en hacket Atm-kort? Tænk på, før du bruger, lige aftale ... Bestil et tomt Atm-kort nu og få

17.07 | 03:12

I starten kan det være svært ikke at kigge ned på tastaturet. Men når først du får det lært, sidder det hele i fingrene. Jeg kigger ikke selv på tastaturet mere

17.07 | 03:11

Selvfølgelig kan man lære det på computeren, det er vel også der du har dit tastatur.