This picture is taken in DK - before the trip to the US. From NY to LA.

Departuring from Kastrup, Denmark

Departuring from Kastrup, Denmark the 14. of March

Folding out the bicycle in Newark Airport, NJ (031409)

Gearge Washington Bridge, where I bicycled over to NJ and further on to the small town: Oradell, where I slept the first night.

NYC by night. Taken from the G.W. bridge (031409)

One of many signs that the US have to offer is signs for towns, cities, Police Departments etc.

The first flat on my tour over the states. Here on the morning after I've been freezing my bud off during the night, in the state of NY.

Colored Cemetery one of many in the US.

Bicycle packed and ready to go.

Ice on the lakes, then it's cold. Though here in the daytime it runs up in the high 50's / low 60's F (apx. 20-25 degrees Celcius)

Came to Hancock, as the film, before I took the bus to Buffalo and the bicycle from Buffalo to Niagara Falls.

Almost every town or village in the US has a history. These are signs that are on the road when u come into town.

The amarican Falls

The Horseshoe falls. The other side is Canada.

Niagara Falls at night.

Niagara Falls at night.

Matthiew (Slood) and NYC's skyline in the background.

Adam, was kindly enough to let us stay at his place for the week in NYC.

The book in the hands of The Lady of Freedom and Liberty.

Me in front of the Lady. The Statue of Liberty... The Lady of Freedom...The Lady of Liberty.

Central Park, in NYC by night.

Penn. Station in Washington D.C.

The White House in Washington D.C.

Bruce Artim and I, before leaving his home and towards Knox, Indiana.

The historical bicyclepath (The railroad of Maryland)

One of the Historical boards along side the Maryland Railroad.

In the mountains.

One of the many Historical signs on the eastern coast of the US.

Stones from not forgotten Wars in the US.

The last war that the US has been involved in. We will always remember 0911-2001.

The memorial stones in Wheeling, MA - of the many WARs the US have been involved in.

Route 40 in the state of Ohio - flat and straight.

The bicyclist Jon Allison was friendly and helped me out of Springfield, OH. Jon have also send me the next pictures from the trail and Springfield, OH.

Me in front of my Brompton bicycle in Springfield, Ohio

This picture is from Jon Allison of one of the many National Road Milage markers on route 40.

The Pennsylvania House in Springfield, Ohio - picture taken by Jon Allison.

The Pennsylvania House, Historical Marker from the East side. Picture taken by Jon Allison from Springfield, Ohio.

The Madonna of the Trail, looking west. Picture taken by Jon Allison, from Springfield, Ohio.

From left to right: Bo Z (me), Jerry (MrWinston)

From left to right: Jerry (MrWinston), Josh in the blue shirt, me in the background, Jonathan (Jerry's son) and Abe in the grape t-shirt.

Jonathan (Jerry's son) and I on a Quad, in the swamps.

Jonathan (Jerry's son) and I in the swamps on a Quad. - Need to get one of those in Denmark.

Doing stunts on the Quad.

Doing stunts on the quad.

Doing stunts on the quad.

Doing stunts on the quad. After a lot of practice I finaly got the stunts up and running even the jumps, though of the 5 gears the largest gear through the terrain and the swamp has been the third gear. The quad. can go up to 65 mph (apx. 106 km/ time)

The long hair, Redneck, Rock'n'Roll, Biking Son of the South...and I.

The long hair, Redneck, Rock'n'Roll, Biking Son of the South (Matt)...and I.

At a small barn-fire in Perrys backyard. In the background to the left is Susie, Jerrys girlfriend. In the front it's Perry and I, drinking US's finest...

Perry and I at the Barnfire in his backyard.

Finaly I got to meet the Big Oger (Steve) in person. And YEAH...He's BIG.

To a Drag Race with Jerry and one of his friends, Cory.

Drag Racing in Indiana.

Some come with little smoke and burned rubber...

Some come with a lot of smoke, burned rubber and noise, though some call it Drag-music for the ear.

1 quarter of a mile - who comes first???

In some new sand dunes apx. 5 miles from Perrys. This picture u can see me out in the field at the bottom of the hill.

Here I'm at the bottom of the hill.

Here in the middle of the hill.

Here I'm at the top of the 25-35 feet tall and steep hill. The last 4 pictures, taken by Perry.

Perry in a start of a smaller jump.

Perry is now AIRBORNE...

Perry landing safely on the ground after the jump.

Jerry og John at work. Making the swimmingpool in John and his familys backyard.

Jerry and John, laying the last hand on the swimmingpool that day, as the rain kept pouring down from the grey and darkening sky.

Milky, Jonathans dog (Jerry and Susies son's dog), Knox, Indiana.

Pandora (Susies dog) in Jerry and Susies homel, Knox, Indiana.

25. of April. Drove from Kentland, IN at 10 am. Now at 2 pm I'm 11 miles south of Kentland and my gear is broken. Have called Jerry. John and Jerry is driving me to Terra Heute (Tera Ho), Indiana. The wind is agains me 25-35 mph (40-56 km/t) with windgusts up to apx. 40 mph (64 km/t).

Bicycling into the State of Illinois.

Entering the State of Missouri over the Mississippi river.

A beautiful view from Highway 34 in the eastern and southern part of Illinois.

Jim, Near Big Springs, Missouri. a friendly Motel and Bar owner, drove me to the Big Springs in the morning, before I left - to bicycle further west towards Springfield, MO.

Big Springs, Missouri

A parkinglot near the River, besides highway 60, Missouri.

Take care of Amish people on the road.

Officer Young i fuld uniform, just before work. The girls superman ;o)

Springfield, Jail. in the state of Missouri.

The sheriff's car. The Sheriff is above the Police, but now above the Federal Police.

Angelko, I met on DaoC in the guild of Forged and Dragonfire.

Angelko suiting up for the Sunriver-trip on one of his bikes.

From left to right: me, Sanja (Angelkos sister from Serbia), Angelko, Carol Yee and Mike Yee, in the livingroom at Sunriver, Oregon.

The amarican way: 1. Travel out from ur home. 2. rent a house or drive in an RV. 3. Go riding on motor-bikes, so u don't have to pedal it ur-self. 4. Go out for dinner in the evening.

Off-roading in Sunriver (The danish way - pedling the bike).

a waterfall on the Dishutes River between Bend and Sunriver, OR, on the off-road-trail.

Waterfall again - between Bend and Sunriver, OR.

View of the west side of Portland from Mount Tabor, an instinct volcano in the middle of Portland, OR.

Out dining with Sanja, Angelko and Karley (one of Angelkos room mates).

a Picture from Mt. Tabor the instinct volcano in the east of Portland, Oregon.

Waterfall taken on the Springwater Corridor in Portland, OR.

River by the Springwater Corridor in Portland, OR.

3 hot looking chicks from the left: Rosemary, Anna and Sheena, in Seattle, WA.

Late at night in Seattle, WA. From left to right: Bo Z (me), Gregory, Anna, Sheena, Angelko and Sanja.

Offroading on Mount Butte in Portland, OR.

Picture taken on top of Mount Butte in the Distance u can see Mount Bachelor.

BBQ at Mikes and Carols place, with friends.

3 people, playing the piano at Mikes and Carols.

Angelko playing the Piano.

Sanja, Angelko, Mike and Carol, ready to roll on Memorial Day. (05.25.09)

Driving out of Portland, Oregon on Hwy 18, towards Hwy 101.

Had to stop as the bridge turned - after a boat went through - on Hwy 101 towards Crescent City, CA.

A lot of these signs on the road. If the alarm sounds, u need to go up the Tsunami-roads up the mountain.

Drove through the little village of Denmark. There're 7 villages with this name in the US.

On the road towards Bandon, OR.

Near the Ocean, the white mist in the background is from the water. Driving through some beautiful landscapes that u can't see in a car or on a motor bike.

An oceanic view from Hwy 101.

The state tropper was kindly enough to get his picture taken by a curious dane, me.

Beautiful is it near the ocean on Hwy 101.

The man and 2 horses are made of Horse shoes - just in front of this farm in the northern Califonia.

More of the beautiful cliffs on a side road to Hwy 101.

Misty on the road.

Going towards Crescent City and flying home.

Forgot ur cellphone at home. Don't worry the USA has it all. Here a "Drive up phone" and make the call from ur car.

Denmark here I come. Was a very good trip/ holiday. And met some good friends in the US hope we stay in touch. If any of u ever gets to DK just let me know. Then u don't need a Motel, Hotel or camping.

I'll try to update this page - with new pictures - while traveling in the US on my BROMPTON.
U can press on the pictures to see 'em in big format.

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